Autonomous Systems

The overall goal of our research is the construction of fully autonomous systems and its application to continuous process systems. This research line is coordinated by Professor Manuel Rodríguez in collaboration with Professor Ismael Díaz, and it is focused on modeling and control of complex and large systems.

Additionally our research includes developing a model-centric cognitive architecture to be used with different formalisms and applications.

Lately we have been working on the use of functional models for risk detection and fault tolerant control in chemical plants, so we are quite involved and interested in Process Safety, tackling it from a Systems Theory and Model Based perspective.

In the last years we have participated in some projects and published several scientific contributions:


2009-2012. "HUMANOBS: Humanoids that learn Socio-communicative Skills by Observation". UE funded project. IST program.

2007-2009. "C3: Conscious Cognitive Control". Funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Technology.

2004-2006. "COMPARE: A Component Approach to Real-Time and Embedded". UE funded project. IST program.

2004. "MERCED: Market Enabler for Retargetable COTS Components in Embedded Domain". ITEA Project (Information Technology for European Advancement)

2002-2004. "SAM: Modular Autonomous Systems". Funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Technology.

 2002-2003. "HRTC: Hard Real-Time CORBA". UE funded project. IST program