New bioenergy processes

From the treatment of municipal solid wastes (MSW) to the use of emerging raw materials for the synthesis of bioethanol, CTL is working with companies such as BEFESA (Abengoa) in the development of novel processes. This research line is coordinated by Professor Manuel Rodríguez in collaboration with Professor Ismael Díaz

Some of the project we have worked in are:

2013. "Feasibility study on the production of ethanol from pataca". Funded by 3i Ingeniería

2012-2014. "Municipal Solid Waste to Fuel process". Funded by BEFESA

2011. "Clean energy generation using sustainable resources". UPM-LatinAmerica Cooperation Project.

2010-2011. "Glycerol Catalytic Reforming to produce Synthesis Gas". Funded by BEFESA.