Who we are

The Chemical Engineering Department is quite big, it has more than 30 professors and it is one of the oldest departments of the University. The Department has four main pillars, concerning different specific domains: Environmental Engineering, Applied Chemistry, Materials (non metallic) Science and Chemical Technology.


People in the department is involved in research and teaching activities, thus we can find that there are three research groups: the bioengineering and materials group, the environmental technology and industrial resources group, the characterization and applications of polymers group and the autonomous systems laboratory. Some of them are interdepartmental.


The Chemical Technology Laboratory is composed of 6 professors working mainly in areas related to process design, process control, process safety and simulation. The Laboratory is in charge of the core subjects of the Chemical Engineering Bsc Degree and  it is also heavily involved in the Msc Degree. It is very concerned about education and they have  formed an Group of Educational Innovation. Their members participate in public funded research projects (national and international) and in research and development projects with the industry.